A little about me…

Having had to deal with quite a bit of ‘stuff’ of my own, I believe I have at least some understanding of what many of my clients are going through, and personal experience of overcoming similar difficulties has made me passionate about helping others do the same using the natural mental resources they already possess.

Having also had personal experience of being, shall we say, ‘strung along’ by therapists and complementary practitioners in the past and going to session after session for months on end when it was clear the treatment wasn’t helping, I never keep clients in therapy longer than necessary, not only because I feel it’s unethical to do so, but also because I work in partnership with them, tailor what I do to their individual needs, constantly monitor their progress, listen to and act upon their feedback and am honest and realistic about what can be achieved and how things are going.

I have over 19 years’ clinical experience, diplomas in Clinical Hypnosis with Psychotherapy and Advanced Hypnoanalysis, as well as knowledge and skills gained from ongoing professional training and study, and can provide assistance with a wide range of difficulties, though I actually specialise in general or situation-specific anxiety, panic attacks, confidence and self-esteem issues and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

I’m an accredited member of the APHP (Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy), registered for hypnotherapy with the CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council) and fully insured.

And a little about what I do…

One of the great things about hypnotherapy and the other methods I use is that they’re solution-focussed, so instead of just going on and on about ‘The Problem’, my clients and I work together to do something about it.  Although talking has its place – for those people who have little or no opportunity or inclination to share things with family, friends or colleagues, it can be helpful to offload to a professional – there comes a point where you have to take practical steps to bring about the changes you need or want to make so that you can move forward with your life.  It could also be argued that too much rumination and introspection on the subject of ‘The Problem’ could actually make matters worse by fixing it even more firmly in the mind.

Focussing on solutions and making a start on those practical steps in the very first session also means that this type of therapy usually results in quite rapid positive change, so if you’re looking for a natural way of dealing with your difficulties that doesn’t take forever and cost you a small fortune in the process, this could well be it.

Although I use hypnotherapy for most of the work I do, I also take various elements from a number of other approaches to use alongside or sometimes even instead of this, so the form the therapy takes very much depends on what’s most appropriate for that particular client and/or that particular problem.  These additional/alternative approaches include: