Hypnotherapy – Power of Your Own Mind

You already have what you need to overcome your difficulties  – the power of your own mind. It’s the immense power of the mind that creates many of our problems in the first place, and I can help you harness that same power so that you can get it to work for you, rather than against you; I can help you put your mind to changing your life.

So, what’s brought you here today?

Are you looking for help with one, or maybe more, of the following?  Perhaps you want to:

  • Overcome anxiety and/or panic attacks, and feel calmer and better able to cope generally or in specific situations
  • Have a greater sense of confidence in yourself, your abilities and your achievements
  • Find relief from the uncomfortable and often embarrassing symptoms of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
  • Rid yourself of a habit, like nail-biting or drinking that glass or three of something every evening
  • Enjoy restful sleep and wake feeling refreshed and more energetic
  • Take control of your eating habits and get rid of excess weight
  • Be free of something else that’s getting in the way of living your life to the full, like a phobia, uncomfortable memories, limiting beliefs about yourself that are preventing you from reaching your full potential, or constantly worrying and/or dwelling on the negative

Please have a look at Help With… to get an idea of some of the many difficulties I’ve helped people overcome in the 19 years I’ve been a hypnotherapist. If your problem isn’t mentioned, do get in touch anyway, as I may still be able to help you. Call me on 07989 684671 or email me to arrange a free, no-obligation telephone consultation.

I do hope that when you’ve had a look around this site you’ll feel that what I offer could be the way forward for you and contact me very soon.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes